Is Tree Trimming Necessary: What You Need to Know

is tree trimming necessary

You can instantly improve any home or business with healthy trees. Besides adding visual flair, trees create cleaner air, provide shade on hot days, protect property from storm damage, and more. However, many residents ask, “Is tree trimming necessary?”

In the wild, trees grow perfectly fine without human intervention. However, a wild-growing tree can create many issues in your front yard or backyard. At the very least, tree trimming makes your trees look nicer. 

Besides visual appeal, tree trimming promotes better growth and prevents safety risks. We’ll explore everything you need to know about tree trimming and when to contact tree service experts in Seneca, SC

The Four Main Benefits of Tree Trimming 

Many homeowners will ignore trimming their trees to save time and money. 

However, while avoiding tree trimming will save you time and money in the short term, skipping this crucial process can cause many issues in the long term. Let’s look at four important benefits to answer, “Is tree trimming necessary?”

1. Improving Tree Appearance

The first benefit is improving the overall appearance of your trees, thus improving your property’s appearance. While many wild trees in a forest create a beautiful sight, wild trees on your property indicate neglect and indifference. 

Reducing the number of branches and taming limbs growing off in every direction will complement your tree’s natural shape. In doing so, you’ll also boost curb appeal and the resale value of your property. 

2. Limiting Safety Risks 

Wild-growing trees can damage your home, nearby buildings, power lines, pedestrians, etc. A neglected tree often has dead branches that fall off, hitting anything below it. 

An unpredictable storm can knock over your tree or cause dead branches to hit your car, home, neighbor’s house, etc. Trees growing too close to your roof or power lines are especially dangerous. 

3. Reducing the Chance of Pest Infestations 

Many critters call your trees home, and while most people are okay with squirrels, singing birds, and ladybugs, having aphids, certain types of beetles, nesting rats, mice, or snakes can be an issue. 

Pests that harm trees are more likely to attack a tree with dead or diseased branches. Implementing proper tree care forces these pests to leave your trees alone and search for other easy game, like trees with rotting wood. 

4. Increasing Your Tree’s Overall Health

Besides limiting the chances of a pest infestation, proper tree care also bolsters your tree’s health. For example, while it’s normal for a tree to have dead branches, especially during the winter, it’s best to remove them when they appear. 

A tree with dead branches can carry diseases, quickly spreading to the rest of the tree. Regular pruning and trimming also facilitate more significant growth, resulting in stronger, healthier trees. In addition, your tree will gain better sun exposure and air circulation. 

If your tree bears fruit, proper trimming and pruning will also encourage better fruit production. Along with increasing fruit volume, many people notice their fruits are juicier after regularly trimming. 

Let Our Clark Tree Experts Help Today 

Proper trimming and pruning results in healthy trees that improve your property’s value, limit safety risks, prevent diseases and pest infestations, and even produce better fruit. 

Trying to trim or prune your trees yourself, however, can be challenging. Aside from the safety risks, many homeowners might not have the proper tools or can risk temporarily or permanently damaging their trees. 

Fortunately, the professionals at Clark Tree Experts can eliminate these headaches with our specialized services. 

Let our team answer, “Is tree trimming necessary?” by calling Clark Tree Experts at 706-949-9016! For more tree care tips, read this summer tree care checklist.

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