Why You Should Have Your Trees Trimmed And Pruned in Mt. Airy, GA

Tree trimming and pruning are vital to the health of your trees and your yard’s appearance. Some do pruning in winter while others in fall. Regardless of what season you trim 0r prune your trees, you must do it right. Don’t risk life and limb trying to prune bushy trees yourself. Give us a call instead. A professional tree service company with years of experience and the right tools is a safer bet.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

Have you seen arborists cutting hedges in your neighborhood, and you attempted to trim yours into a pleasing shape so they could look neat? That’s what tree trimming accomplishes. Trimming trees also serve different purposes, and sometimes these tree trimming pruning purposes intersect.

Improve aesthetics

One of the key purposes of trimming is to improve aesthetics. However, timing involves more than cutting specific branches. Arborists ensure the branches they trim won’t affect the tree’s appearance. By making assessments before trimming, the arborists can avoid damaging your tree structure or hindering its ability to grow and thrive.

Eliminate safety hazard

Safety is also another motivation for hiring tree trimming services. Trimming removes broken limbs and branches that pose a danger to people or structures nearby. Local tree services may also trim trees to ensure they don’t block views or signs. In some instances, tree trimming also ensures a tree branch doesn’t grow and comes into contact with utility lines.

Promote tree heath

An added benefit of trimming is that it helps promote your tree’s health. Arborists often remove diseased, weakened, or damaged branches from deciduous trees, leaving healthy ones that can sustain a tree’s overall growth. If you have a fast-growing tree, trimming can help control tree growth, ensuring the tree doesn’t grow very large.

Benefits of Pruning Trees

Arborists prune tree limbs for different reasons, but the goal is to create an attractive and productive tree. While trees can grow naturally with little or no pruning, this routine tree care task ensures your trees attain their full potential and live long. Check out some of the reasons to trim your trees properly.

Pruning for healthy trees

Tree pruning focuses on removing dying, diseased, or broken branches, including branches that rub together and branch stubs so your trees can grow and thrive. Pruning also opens up the canopy to allow light in and better air circulation for increased foliage while minimizing the risk of diseases.

Water sprouts and suckers in the undergrowth often weaken the wood and rob the main tree of nutrients. Pruning helps establish the main tree and dominant leader that can grow string and withstand high winds and severe winter storms.

Combing pruning and landscape maintenance can also create your ideal plant. Arborists can prune and trim trees in specifics way to encourage flowering and fruiting. They may also shape your trees into specific forms to control their size.

If something about your tree’s growth will damage garden plants underneath, the arborist will consider that when pruning trees. Likewise, if something growing close to or around the tree threatens your tree’s health, the tree care professional will find a way to deal with the issue.

Pruning for safety

Safety considerations are not often regarded, but they’re a good reason to have your trees pruned. Weak limbs, diseased trees, and dead branches are all potential hazards to people and your property. When pruning your trees, assess whether tree branches are coming too close to overhead power lines, safety lights, or obstructing traffic views. Trimming creates a safer environment for your family, friends, and next-door neighbors.

Depending on your location, it’s also crucial to prune trees to think out branches and dead limbs before the hurricane season arrives. Properly pruned trees aren’t just healthier but stronger. Excessive foliage can cause mature trees to become top-heavy and tumble in storms. Falling branches may also damage your house and garden plants below.

How Tree Trimming and Pruning Work Together

Tree trimming and pruning often go hand in hand. To perform both tasks, tree experts require knowledge of local climate and expertise. Flowering tree species have different needs and considerations from non-flowering species.

Tree species and other details help arborists determine the right course of action when trimming or pruning trees. Timing also matters. Ensure you follow a schedule when trimming and pruning. Clark Tree Experts can help you determine the right time to perform both tree care tasks.

While trimming ensures your trees look attractive, tree pruning helps your trees remain healthy and safe. One is a like routine checkup, and the other is a thorough medical diagnostic exam. Your trees need both to thrive.

Most importantly, it’s always good to work with certified arborists or tree trimming companies near you. Tree trimming and pruning are not your typical DIY job. Leave the job to experts who can guarantee you the best results.

Hire a Professional Tree Trimming and Pruning Service

Pruning and trimming are important tree care services. Who you hire to perform both tasks also matters. Clark Tree Experts have been providing tree services in Mt. Airy, GA, and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Locals trust us with their trees because we offer the highest quality tree care services. We work with both mature and young trees.

We have the knowledge, technical skills, tools, and experience to perform safe and proper tree trimming and pruning. Give us a call instead. When you contact us, our tree experts will first asses your tree care needs and recommend the best solutions.

Our arborists will work quickly to eliminate hazards and ensure your property attains the look you want. We are happy to walk you through our process and give you a breakdown of tree removal costs.

If you’re looking for a reliable tree company to provide you with professional tree trimming or pruning services in Mt. Airy, GA, we’ve got your back. We’re a local tree trimming service that understands the tree care needs of residents and the business community. Call Clark Tree Experts at 706-949-9016 or 864-482-1427 for a free estimate today.

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