How Often to Water Newly Planted Trees

Trees do a lot of growing in the first year or two. New trees, especially young ones, need frequent watering for optimal growth. But what about the watering frequency?

Read on for tips about how often to water newly planted trees and other tree care advice from a top-rated tree service in Seneca, SC.

The Importance of Watering Newly Planted Trees

Frequent watering of newly planted trees is essential for many reasons:

Water Helps Tree Roots to Establish Themselves in the Soil

If the soil dries out before a tree grows deep enough, it will be vulnerable to drying out later on. Watering also encourages the growth of robust root systems that can support the tree’s weight and keep it upright as it grows taller.

Watering Keeps Your Tree from Becoming Thirsty and Stressed Out

Frequent watering of new trees stops them from competing with other plants for water sources near their roots (such as puddles or streams). This is especially important if you’re growing your tree in a container or somewhere else where there are many other plants.

Water Helps Newly-planted Trees Grow Faster

This is because water supplies trees with nutrients through their leaves and bark. If you don’t water regularly enough, your trees may not be able to grow as fast or as big as they could otherwise.

How Often to Water Newly Planted Trees

When planting new trees, following a strict watering schedule is essential. Here are some tips on how often to water newly planted trees:

1. Water the tree once daily for the first week after planting. Ensure that you give your new tree 1.5 to 2 gallons of water per inch of the trunk diameter.

2. After the first week, water the tree every other day for another week, giving the tree approximately 2 to 3 gallons per inch of trunk diameter.

3. After that, water the tree every three days for two weeks, then every four days for two weeks, then every five days, giving the tree 2 to 3 gallons per inch of trunk diameter. Do this until the trees have established themselves in their new homes (about three months) and until they become mature trees.

4. As a rule of thumb, you should water in the morning or evening. It is best to water in the morning because this will allow your tree to dry out before nighttime. If you water at night, it can lead to fungal diseases and other problems.

If you’ve planted your tree in an area that gets a lot of sun, it may need more water than in an area with less sun exposure. The amount of sunlight will also affect how often to water newly planted trees. This is because more sunlight means more evaporation from the ground surface, leading to less moisture in the soil near the root ball of your newly planted tree.

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