Six Common Tree Types in South Carolina

South Carolina is home to an extensive variety of eye-catching tree species, from white pines to sugar maples. Any one of these trees is a great addition to your property. However, knowing which option to pick can be quite the task.

To help you out, this post will highlight six common tree types in South Carolina and the benefits of entrusting their care to Seneca’s trusted tree service company.

common tree types

1. Cabbage Palmetto

As the state’s official tree, there is no better place to start than with the cabbage palmetto. It is a uniquely beautiful tree, with many quick to recognize its shedding stalk and fan-shaped leaves.

The tree’s stunning appearance gets even better in the summer when its showy flowers bloom. Furthermore, the shiny black fruits the tree bears only enhance its visual appeal further.

2. Pin Oak

Few things make a better centerpiece for your landscape than oak trees. While South Carolina has a few types of oak trees, the pin oak is a favorite. It is a tall tree with a very slender and graceful appearance. Its straight trunk and horizontal branches form a symmetrical pyramid or cone shape. What’s more, the pin oak has distinctive evergreen leaves that turn red, burnt orange, and dark yellow in the fall.

3. Red Maple

Are you looking for a tree that would add charm to your lawn in the fall? You can never go wrong with the red maple.

Not to be confused with the sugar maple, the red maple is a popular ornamental tree that can reach 40 or 60 feet tall. Its leaves are quite unique and grow as long as six inches, making the red maple a great shade tree.

The best part is how its lush green leaves transition to striking shades of yellows and reds when fall creeps around. The flowers that bloom between March and June further add to the tree’s visual appeal.

4. Sassafras

Not every property has the space needed to accommodate the towering height of a red maple. Fortunately, there is a way around this.

Sassafras are a mid-sized trees that grows to about 30 feet. They are one of the most common tree types in South Carolina thanks to their aromatic smell, stunning fall leaf colors, and the dark blue fruits female trees bear in spring.

These trees also sport bright green leaves and yellow-green balls of flowers.

5. American Beech

If you have the space for it, the American beech tree is one of the most glorious trees you can plant on your lawn. It is a tall tree with a short trunk and branches that dominate the space with dense foliage.

The best part is the tree’s shiny green leaves sport a bronze and golden hue as seasons change. What’s more, the leaves stay on the tree for most of the winter, allowing you to enjoy the stunning display for much longer.

6. American Holly

Are you looking for a tree that maintains green foliage throughout the year? Why not opt for a classic ornamental tree like the American holly?

It does require a tender touch, but the rewards are more than worthwhile. For instance, besides its glossy green leaves, the brilliant red berries that bloom enhance the tree’s visual appeal.

Professional Tree Service in Seneca, South Carolina

Though these are some of the most common tree types in South Carolina and can grow freely in the area, they will still need care. Fortunately, we can help you do so.

Whether you are worried about your evergreen tree turning brown or its general well-being, we can offer the solutions you need. Get in touch with Clark Tree Experts today at 864-482-1427 to learn more about our services.

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