The Best Fast-Growing Privacy Trees in Gainesville, GA

Do you have nosy neighbors? Would you like to screen them out? Then read on while Clark Tree Experts, your expert tree service in Gainesville, GA, discusses your options for the best fast-growing privacy trees. Have other questions about landscape design? We can help with those too. 

best fast growing privacy trees

Rapid Privacy Tree Options

There are many species that grow quickly. Before we get to them, though, there are some things you need to think about. Here are some tips to help you find the right species for your home. 

Yard Size

Is your backyard small? If so, you need to look for smaller trees or shrubs. You also need to ensure that you plant the sapling a fair distance from your home or other structures. 

If you don’t you risk damage to the foundations. The problem with fast-growing trees for privacy is that their roots are aggressive. This means you need to plant them well away from buildings. 


Now that you know what size quick-growing privacy plants you need, your next step is to look into how far apart you need to space them. You need the right mix between privacy and giving your trees room to grow. 

Initially, this means leaving gaps. However, the best fast growing privacy trees will fill the holes quickly. 

Growth Rate

If you have no other cover you’ll want to find the best trees for fast privacy. It’s worth doing research into the best fast-growing privacy trees here. Just keep in mind that these species require more upkeep. You’ll need to trim them more often to keep them looking neat. 

It’s also worth mentioning that they’ll require more nutrients and moisture because of their fast growth rates. Finally, they won’t live as long as some of the other species. However, that shouldn’t be a problem because they’ll put on a good show. 

Mixing Trees

There’s nothing to say you can’t mix speedy privacy tree varieties with slower-growing ones. We recommend doing so because it gives a more natural and interesting look. 

Also, when you encourage biodiversity, you reduce the chances of diseases or pests wiping out all your work. 

The Top Privacy Trees with Quick Growth for Gainesville, Georgia

Our gardens fall under zone 8A on the hardiness factor. The following trees grow well here: 

  • The hybrid poplar is a shade tree that can grow up to eight feet in one year. It’s an attractive deciduous tree that has silvery-green foliage. The leaves turn a beautiful shade of orange in the fall.
  • Dawn redwoods are an exception to the rule. While they grow about two feet a year, they’re very low maintenance. That said, they need a lot of space to stretch out. 
  • Silver maples grow about two feet a year and provide a large, shady canopy to sit under. The leaves are silver in color and seem to shimmer in the light.
  • Leyland cypresses are evergreens that can grow up to four feet in any given year. These are a good option if you want privacy year-round. 

Which Tree Grows the Most Quickly?

The hybrid poplar is a champion plant that grows at least five feet every year. While this is impressive, remember that it’s a deciduous tree, so it will lose its leaves in the fall. 

The Leyland Cypress comes in second and grows about two to four feet a year. 

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