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Tree Risk Assessment Service in Northeastern GA and Western SC

When it comes to tree risk assessment, Mt. Airy, GA home and property owners can trust our certified arborist here at Clarks Tree Experts. We can provide a thorough tree health and risk assessment, helping you spot diseases and weaknesses before they become major problems. Contact us today at 706-776-8733 or 864-482-1427 for risk assessment of your backyard or property.

Tree assessment involves tree inspection and risk mitigation. Both steps are important to first identify and rectify any subsequent problems or property damage that can arise from tree damage. Therefore, its best to take consultation from risk assessment services to maintain and ensure healthy trees all year around!

Tree Risk Inspection

A tree inspection is conducted by a certified arborist and involves a thorough examination of the tree from top to bottom. The arborist will look for signs of disease or decay, weak points in the tree structure, and areas where the tree may be vulnerable to storm damage. They will also take into account the tree’s location on your property and the surrounding environment.

Once the tree inspection is complete, the arborist will provide you with a report that outlines any tree risks they have found and their recommendations for mitigating those risks.

Tree Risk Mitigation

There are a number of ways to mitigate tree risk, depending on the severity of the risks identified during the tree inspection. For example, tree pruning or cabling can help to support weak branches and prevent them from breaking in storms. If your tree is located in an area where it is vulnerable to storm damage, you may want to consider installing lightning protection. If the tree is removed, the stump will need to be ground out to prevent regrowth. At times, tree bracing or cabling can be used to support weak branches and prevent them from breaking in a storm.

Importance of Tree Risk Assessments

During tree risk assessment, an arborist will evaluate the tree’s overall health, looking for signs of stress or disease. He’ll also examine the tree’s root system, checking for any potential instability. After tree inspections, a complete report on risk assessment will be shared with you, which will help you identify and design a plan of action.

– It can help you rectify problems before they become major issues

Certified risk assessors are equipped with knowledge necessary to identify any potential damage that may be caused by fallen tree. At times it can be done through visual inspection, but sometimes aerial inspection along with other tools are also employed to assess your trees’ health.

Often times tree services provide you with the tree inventory of your property. Its best to identify mature trees from young ones as they are more prone to damages and falling down. This helps you being pre-emptive in your method of damage control.

– It can help you save money by avoiding expensive services later on

A tree risk assessor can identify any damaged tree that is at risk of falling down. A certified arborist can then share possible remedies with you to restore the tree’s health, saving you from expensive services like tree removal or property restoration down the road.

– Tree Assessment is crucial for maintaining health of trees

Tree risk assessment is important for maintaining the health of trees on your property. These timely tree inspections help to prevent diseases and weaknesses, ensuring you enjoy the benefits of lush and green trees all year round.

Why choose Clark Tree Experts tree service?

Our crew is the most qualified in the business, with over 20 years of risk assessment expertise. We have a certified arborist and a long track record of staff and property safety.

We’re dedicated to maintaining the health and beauty of your trees, and strive to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with our work.


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